I truly enjoy working collaboratively with my clients. I welcome sketches, photos, or any ideas they might bring to the table, as these are often a great catalyst for design generation and a great way for me learn about their personal taste and style.

I describe my style of building as "à la carte", with the piece starting as a basic form in the required dimensions for its intended space. The next step is to consider the functionality and decorative elements of the piece — i.e. if any doors, drawers, shelves or ornamentation should be added. I will then draw the piece to scale, and from that drawing a scale model is generated. This miniature, three-dimensional model is essential — and, frankly a lot of fun! — as it always helps put things into perspective and allows for any design modifications before fabricating the finished piece.

Finally, the wood or woods are chosen and away we go!

I always welcome any and all questions, so please don't hesitate to contact me.




Drawing board FS.jpg
Wood Samples FS.jpg
sycamore table with model